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Tey’s Tutor Time

Tey’s Tutor Time

Teyondra Burch 2053 Views
This idea was a winner! Tey Burch was awarded $5,000 in September 2019

About Idea

Educating and training one’s own child can sometimes be not only intimidating and stressful, but costly as well. Due to the nature of only having one or two tutoring companies in the Muskegon area the idea of Tey’s Tutor Time came about. We are an educational program with an aim is to lessen the achievement gap for children in the area of language and literacy. In December of 2017 our founder Teyondra Burch had the idea to use the skills she obtained from working as a literacy coach. She would meet with children from K-5th grade and tailor a special curriculum for each student. After much research the sessions began being 30 minutes due to the attention span of elementary aged children. Our business is well known around the Muskegon area, but there are so many more children that need to be reached. Our Aim is to create a cost efficient tutoring service for parents who may not be able to afford the big names, but still want the absolute best for their child


The impact is one that is immediate.  Research says that if students cannot read by third grade they will be held back and we are working diligently to make sure that is not the case for as many students as possible.  Ideally this program will be able to expand outside of the Muskegon area. By creating a community of children are able to read and write accurately we will eventually lessen the poverty level because as we all know… if you can read, you can do ANYTHING!

What I Will Do With $5,000

First, the monies will be used to get certified as an LLC. Next, the funds will be utilized to obtain the materials that are used in schools to level students to heighten our validity.  . Following that, a computer, website creator, and materials to create home tutoring materials and give back to my community. Lastly, I would like to hire employees and also hire someone skilled in math with training for best practice.

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About Teyondra Burch

Hello, my name is Teyondra and I have always had a passion for the advancement of young children. I started working with kids when I was just a kid myself. I followed those dreams and went to CMU and studied child development. After college I jumped around between jobs at daycares, schools, and I am now working with high school students showing them how to work with preschool children.

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