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Vanilla Plus Extract

Vanilla Plus Extract

Aftin Bates 118 Views
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About Idea

Vanilla Plus Extract brand is the most exciting product that has happened in the past century. We have revolutionized the extract industry by saving our consumers money and adding amazing flavor to our consumer products. Our combination extracts will spare the consumers from purchasing two separate extracts. Competitors cut corners by using beaver excretions found in their poop to enhance vanilla flavor. Every single other vanilla brand adds water, uses artificial flavor, sugar and / a combination of all these. We know what enhances vanilla flavor is vanilla beans and our quality is second to none. We’re vegan, we don’t use any additional animal additives in our extract. The only road block is my ability to educate the entire population on the disgusting extract business as it exists today. Of course,  our company will find a way to educate the masses.


Individuals, fortune 500 companies, small business, craft beer and spirit makers lives will change for the best. It’s not healthy to ingest these extra non essential ingredients that water down and add unnecessary additives. We all know individual who make baked goods at home, ice cream and coffee possibilities are endless. We are becoming a community that reads labels and research ingredients. Society wants better from the food industry and we’ll deliver.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Vanilla Extractor machinery to increase the lead time to create a batch of extracts.
Alcohol for Production
Vanilla Beans For production
Open a Cafe

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About Aftin Bates

I graduated from Davenport University School of Business I'm from Kalalmazoo, MI. Eventually, I want bakery and coffee shop to showcase my brand and its full potential

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