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Zenned Out Kombucha

Zenned Out Kombucha

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About Idea

One of the most exciting aspects of this business is the growth of the popularity of kombucha nationwide. With Grand Rapids having such a rich brewing culture, we believe it will embrace the kombucha culture wholeheartedly.  Grand Rapids has one kombucha brewery currently - it is a brick and mortar location on Wealthy Street.

Zenned Out Kombucha will not start as a brick and mortar company, alternatively we offer delivery service to consumers as well as offering wholesale pricing to local & regional distributors in order to still have a physical presence on shelves across West Michigan.

Kombucha is a fermented tea packed with healthy enzymes, B- Vitamins, prebiotics & probiotics. Its a refreshing, effervescent drink that is quickly becoming a healthier and still tasty alternative to pop. In addition kombucha is a far greener drink to produce than most non-alcoholic beverages. It uses minimal ingredients, no preservative or additivities and the cultures recreate themselves naturally


Kombucha helps promote homeostasis in the body. Homeostasis is when the body is in an optimal physiological-equilibrium. In short kombucha cultures helps the consumer on a cellular level, boosting metabolism allowing for better digestion through a strengthened gut biome.  Kombucha impacts the consumers health, promoting healthy and sustainable living.

For distributors it offers a financial benefit by expending their product range while also aligning with consumer trends.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The money will be used to rapidly expand the product range offered and increase our overall brewing capacity. In addition it will allow us to expedite the planned promotion our brand with local marketing companies that we have already engaged with. A small fraction of the money will be used to cover our continued brewing education.  A portion of the money will be saved to cover future overhead expenses.

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About Matt Hoff

I grew up on the east-side of the state. Moved to Grand Rapids and graduated from Grand Valley in International Business & Finance. I am passionate about living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle which is one of the reasons I started drinking kombucha. I enjoy tennis and snowboarding. I started brewing kombucha with my friend in 2019 and am very excited about launching this venture in 2021.

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