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About this idea
The Door-Sock was originally created to save on heating costs. It is a thin piece of water-resistant fleece that fills the gap around a door and its frame. Its intended purpose is to block the drafts that may occur around old, uneven, or worn doors and frames. It is practical on any hinged rectangular exterior or interior door of any size that may have a draft. Customers will want this product because it is not like the conventional draft blocker in a sense. The draft blockers out in market currently do not block the draft on all four sides of the door. They are only covering the bottom side of the door, leaving on average, over eighty percent of the door exposed to potential draft. Our product seals almost four sides of the door while remaining attached to the door. It does this with an elastic cord stretched around the door through a series of folds on the interior and exterior of the door to hold the Door-Sock stable. The Door-Sock is intended to keep a draft out but has various upside potentials for consumers. It can be used to keep the heat, cold, light, and odor inside or outside of a desired room. The product will come in a few basic colors and sizes to begin but there are plan to expand color choices and doors sizes as demand permits.
The biggest impact of this product will be the financial saving. Not only will the end consumer save, but the companies providing the heat source will also save by not needing to provide so much energy. Benefactors will be anyone between the ages of 18-75+ years of age that rent or own a home. The United States alone has 139 millions dwellings, of which the average age of those dwellings is 35 years old. The average dwelling age in New York is 61 years old. The product will be priced so that everyone can afford to purchase one and save on heating or cooling costs The purpose of this product is to block the cold drafty winds on exterior doors from blowing through the door jams past the leaking door seal and into your house. The cold air blowing through the door plus heat escaping through the leaky door seal door causes heat loss and cold air to blow through your home initiating the heat to kick on, increasing your monthly, yearly heating/cooling costs. Another application would be to put the door sock on interior doors that lead to rooms that you want to keep the heat/cold air from escaping or entering. You could also use it on an interior door to block the light pollution from another room.
What I'll do with $5,000
The $5000 will be used towards getting the idea off the ground. I intend to use the funds to buy a sewing machine and materials to make as many of these draft blockers as I can. The idea is to get feedback from the first few buyers so I can improve its design. The long-term goal is to get the product onto the shelves or on the internet for people to see and purchase. These Draft blockers could save good amounts of money for people who are in desperate need of that now.
About Nicholas Cooper

My name is Nicholas Cooper, you may call me Nick. Born and raised in the greater Grand Rapids area. Graduated from GVSU with a bachelors degree, double majoring in Accounting an Finance. Moved out to upstate New York for 7 years after graduating to run a marina on the Hudson River. Moved back to the Fruitport area in 2022 to start our family and grow roots. Currently working as a location manager of a marina in Whitehall. Have always had a drive to start my own business and bring products to market. I would like to think I have many good idea for todays market.

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