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January 22, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
Drink ON is a mobile bar application that will help customers (college students/anyone buying a drink at the bar) be able to mobile order an alcoholic drink directly from the Drink ON app. Once their order is complete, the bartender will send a notification to the customer(s) to come pick up their drink.
DrinkON lets users (bar goers, bartenders, and bar owners) to Enjoy More! Bar Goers Whether it is spending time in good conversations or dancing on the dance floor, DrinkON lets you enjoy more. Bartenders Don’t let soggy receipts and miss-poured drinks ruin your night, DrinkON ensures that you know what drink to make, and who to give it to without touching a card. Bar Owners Not only will DrinkON increase your revenue but it gives you the power to make data based decisions on inventory, staffing, and forecasting. The impact of Drink On improves customer experience, increases the revenue for bar owners, and simplifies the task of a bartender for all of their busy nights.
What I'll do with $5,000
Drink ON will put the $5,000 towards the programming of our mobile application. Necessary costs include: Flutter Flow premium, Figma (mock-up app development tools) prescription, and freelance programmers. We will also use a portion of the money to hire a website developer. The money will also contribute to our marketing campaign. We plan on running Instagram Ads, hiring Tik Tok Influencer's, making stickers, printing flyers, and offering discounted drinks for our new users!
About Mary Schumar

My name is Mary Schumar ad I am developing a mobile ordering bar application for the restaurant and bar industry.

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