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June 17, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
Perfect Circle Recycling is uniquely positioned to become the leading alternative to organic diversion. By increasing our capabilities of decanting glass products, we will be on the forefront of innovation in this category. To walk you through the steps of this machine we tell people to think of it as a reverse bottling machine or a rollercoaster for jars. It would begin with a 4x8 platform waist high, here is when it is unpacked from a cardboard box or shrink wrap. From there, two employees will push the single containers funneling into single file. At this point 8-12 containers are held tightly, a two-wheel carriage slides over top the jars to spin the lids off, falling below into a container. The jars are then pushed down the rail inverting to dump the contents. Here, the organic fraction is captured for recycling. A small amount of water is used to rinse the containers and then they continue to a conveyed unit currently on the market to crush the glass. Cullet is produced and ready for upcycling into sand, more glass, fiberglass or used within the roads we drive on daily. Our application added to the existing technology will create a one-of-a-kind unit capable of handling all different sizes, shapes, and organic viscosities. This stream of so-called waste is staggering and its time we take advantage of these useful commodities. The beauty of recycling this type of material is every aspect can be recycled. The lid, the glass, the organic, the cardboard, and shrink wrap.
Currently our impact reaches every aspect of every business in every community! By diverting materials from the landfill or incinerator we are directly eliminating potential contamination of our air, water, and land. By transforming an industry once known as the only option for our waste, we are preserving our future and helping decrease global warming. Specifically, our community will be affected in favorable ways by providing equal opportunity employment, increasing the cities exposure to position complimentary business, and proof of concept that can be replicated in any large city. PCR has been processing materials for just under 2 years and has diverted more than 6.2 million pounds of materials. An expansion of our capabilities into glass destruction will further our growth with immediate resolve for our customers while also increasing our customer base. We anticipate our immediate growth revenue to reach $10,000 monthly and customer base by 10%. Food waste has been reported to be 40% of the waste disposed currently and an estimated 10% of that is contained in glass. This immediate opportunity has been paused until now. Funding is our true obstacle, and we are confident Start Garden will see the enormous potential we possess.
What I'll do with $5,000
We would use the $10,000 to invest in a glass crushing machine that we would then enhance our idea that would make this the EarthSaver Glass Depacker. With our current inventory of glass, we will perform R & D with a custom technology manufacture (Sebright) and eventually a patent. We have current customers lined up ready to send us product and we continually get inquiries on a weekly basis. If we win the $10,000 it would jump start a new revenue stream to help grow our profits tremendously and would keep food waste packaged in glass out of the landfill.
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