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About this idea
My Brother and I started this business last spring with a somewhat silly idea to help address a very serious problem, Climate Change. We’ve calculated the average amount of greenhouse gas emitted via flatulence per person, and provide a simple, hilarious way to reduce its impact on the atmosphere. Except for the smell - our technology isn't that powerful yet. Customers order a custom certifacte that guarantees the purchase of carbon offsets to cover 100 years of human flatulence. Our certificates make for a very unique gift, which can be proudly displayed in the office or classroom, or gifted to a notoriously windy loved one. We’re not fooling ourselves that our offsets are enough to tip the scales in any one direction, but our main goal is to raise awareness with a little humor and reach the kind of people who would get a kick out of receiving something like this but aren’t necessarily all that aware of the scope of the problem.
Our mission is to spread awareness and expand the conversation on Global warming. We see our product as an excellent way to start the conversation and educate your friends and family members who may not be interested or necessarily care about climate change.
What I'll do with $5,000
We plan to use this money for digital marketing and getting the word out about eco farts via social media. We also plan to network and gain skills from the start garden eco system in digital marketing techniques to build our brand and spread our message.
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