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About this idea
Right now we are providing high-touch personal essay coaching to the most affluent families worldwide by turning a difficult task into a premium service. However, lots more families cannot meet that price point. Full service coaches and agents globally have asked us to create a product to help those families as well. Essayist.com takes our proven curriculum and leverages technology to let students guide themselves through the process. 12 copyrighted creative content development tools help them find the “spark” that becomes the heart of their personal statement. Instructional content offers advice about structure and process. A companion blog and videos will explain parts of admissions that are the same year after year and provide opportunities for meaningful current content. An additional premium subscription module will take a student’s creative content and turn it into short writing tasks that result in a draft essay – breaking the writing of a 650-word essay into smaller, 50 to 75 word writing tasks - that are vastly easier for a person writing in a second language. This draft essay can then be run through Grammarly, and the result is vastly vastly better. Other modules include Visa Statement of Purpose Letters and a Resume Developer.
Agents and counselors will benefit because they are not struggling to get students started from zero words to a finished essay. Essay coaching gets taken off their desk and families are given tools and resources to handle it themselves at an attractive price point. Families and students benefit because the content we provide them fundamentally teaches them writing skills they can take with them to college and beyond, empowers them to do their best work, and helps them tell their story.
What I'll do with $5,000
Make the companion videos for content with AJ Pashka. Right now I have a gazillion outlines and no videos. Do SEO, push to page, pump up the VISA SOP business for the end of this cycle to get the platform paid off. Buy ad space on social media in the fall for blog content to push the thought leadership. Explain why ChatAI isn't going to kill this business because colleges are just going to make you write faster, and make the turnaround for essay to submission faster and eventually ChatAI will digitally watermark itself. Not a category killer.
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