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About this idea
Fidget-Wear was created out of frustration. I have three sons, each with their unique struggles but one common solution the school tried was, fidgets, with all three and all three found "creative" ways to use the fidgets, leaving the teachers unimpressed and ultimately the fidgets would be taken away. Everyone knew they needed something but there was nothing that existed that didn't cause a distraction. So I created my first style which has elements in the hem of shirts, always available, discreet, and quiet. I now have two additional styles that I create and ideas for many more. I was awarded a utility patent in May of 2022.
These shirts have been utilized by individuals who have ADHD, ASD, and that suffer from anxiety and all have benefited. ADHD - the ability to fidget with something that is available, discreet, and quiet. Allowing for concentration to remain on task. (6.4 million diagnosed kids in the US) ASD - sensory input, calming (estimated 1.5 million in the US in 2018) Anxiety - calming, self-soothing habit (5.6 million diagnosed kids in the US in 2020) Studies have shown that there are benefits to fidgeting, but most schools no longer allow spinners, cubes and other fidget "toys". It is time to create tools and that is what Fidget-Wear is.
What I'll do with $5,000
Currently I create the shirts myself but have been working with a manufacturer in Pontiac Michigan, Detroit Sewn, to produce the new items and a Kent ISD Empower U (special ed. students 18-26 years old focusing on life and job skills) classroom to create my gently loved line. The Gently Loved line will be continued as it allows me to be able to offer a greater variety of colors, material and styles of shirts. The break down of what I would spend the money on is: $3,000 Initial product inventory $1,300 Marketing $700 Sewing machine (equipment) The $3,700 that will be used on inventory and equipment will create revenue which will allow Fidget-Wear to grow.
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