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About this idea
"Fine As Wine" BBQ Sauces are only made with 0.5% wine. Our sauces can be used as a marinate, dipping sauce and in recipes. Our sauces level up the flavor of proteins and vegetables.
The trends these days are healthy eating. The customers wants flavor, gluten free, low calories, low sodium, low sugar, low carbs, No trans-fat, and zero cholesterol, Our sauce have everything the customer is looking for and more do to the versatility in our sauces.
What I'll do with $5,000
I plan to use 50% of the funds for a Co-packer to produce “Fine As Wine” BBQ Sauce to scale up into larger retail stores. Twenty-five percent of the funds will be used for Inventory, and twenty-five percent will be used for Marketing.
About Debbie Mitchell

My name is Debbie Mitchell but everybody calls me Momma D. I'm a self taught cook and owner of Momma D's Kitchen "Fine As Wine" BBQ Sauces. My mother was a wonderful home cook, and I developed a love for cooking and make food taste good at young age. Food brings families and people together. I am dedicated providing delicious food to all. Cooking is my passion I love taking a recipe and making it my own. I want people to use our sauces to create wonderful full flavored meals out of my sauce. It levels up everything you put it on, like a glass of wine paired with a meal.

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