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About this idea
The food I make is food from my house from my family recipes since I come from Venezuela the food in my house was always homemade and with the most natural ingredients, so I want to take this concept to a product made by me and offer this to the supermarkets , I always say " what you eat, you become" so I will make food thinking about the people who eat my food will be taking something that contribute to their health and wellness.
It will be new in the market, it will be healthy because will be made with natural ingredients, these are sauces to marinate vegetables and other food, a tasty idea for substitution of the traditional alfredo and cheese sauces that can be really heavy for people, they are tasty but lot of calories and fat as ingredients.
What I'll do with $5,000
I will make my samples and I will try this product with some buyer where I already have a vendor number like Meijer, Horrocks, Fresh Thyme, and Latin stores like Supermercado Rodriguez, Mexico. I will see if I have attraction with the products and then I will produce small quantities and see how the products move in the market. We can say we are focus on what direction we want to go with our work. Our products will be available to Grab and Go, to take at home, at work, or on the go. We source the finest high-quality ingredients to hand- craft your favorite delicious and healthy recipes. • Fresh Poke bowls • Homemade Sauces with Vegetables Customers The target audience for our products are the supermarkets we already become a vendor and incorporate new customers for the future. *Retail Stores, all SUPERMARKETS customers, we are in several supermarkets around Grand Rapids, Lansing, Battle Creek and Kalamazoo. We are planning to take our products to all supermarkets we already have a vendor account. *Age range 25-50 *Workers, families requiring quick fixes to have a nice dinner on the table *Young adults seeking cheaper option and healthy option apart from the traditional fast-food places. Our target includes customers in supermarkets seeking for Healthy grab and go meals like entree salads and poke bowls, sandwiches, wraps, offering nutritious alternatives
About Zully Hamper

I am 42 years old I love to cook, and I always have been a person who likes to have my own business.

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