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About this idea
GOODIES is what the current baby food market is missing, ALL NATURAL, NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED baby food with recipes centered around CULTURE, expanding palettes at a young age and ultimately cultivating foodies from the age of 4 months. Our recipes are broken down into 3 stages. Stage 1 (4-6 months) -- Introducing our GOODIE babies to real food with our purees. These purees include vegetables and fruits that have yet to be introduced to the market and hold many health benefits such as plantains, mangos and guava. We will infuse traditional produce such as apples and sweet potato purees with these tropical fruits. In addition to common market items to give our future foodies an array of options. Stage 2 (6-9 months) During this stage our GOODIE babies will be introduced to a thicker consistency of food. Using recipes only seasoned with herbs such as arroz con pollo and sweet potato with collard greens. This is stage is where we truly get to being cultivating our GOODIE babies palates. Stage 3 (9-12 months) This stage is where our GOODIE babies are able to eat solid foods. We will be expanding on recipes used in stage 2 as well as introducing food trays. Similar to a TV dinner, without the toxins and "fake food". These trays will help our goodie babies with their motor skills as they learn to eat with forks and spoons. As we develop our brand and recipes we will also introduce snacks and vita-packs centered around, again introducing our GOODIE babies to solids, training their motor skills and building their immune system using all natural and cultural recipes.
Our impact will disrupt the current market for baby food, giving parents more options to build their babies palates. During our demo stage we learned that our customers are Grand parents who are frustrated with the lack of cultural options for their grand babies and parents who don't want their children to live off of nuggets and buttered pasta. We will use some of our profits to eventually start a non profit that will visit schools and teach the generation that is too old for GOODIES the benefits of eating healthy and how to prepare and source healthy foods. We are cultivating future foodies
What I'll do with $5,000
The proceeds of $5,000 will help us with production and marketing as we prepare to launch our products online and in local markets this fall. This includes equipment needed for production such as a sealer to seal jars and packages, labels and the cost of kitchen hours needed at the DT MARKET (our incubator kitchen). We will be hiring The Jackson Project to create labels and branding for our GOODIE trays and snacks. Any remaining funds will be used for social media marketing and a mail marketing campaign.
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