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About this idea
Grande La Foi stands for ("Keeping the faith" in French) Faith is my wife's middle name. As a person who as worked in event planning for over 20 years and who have created, put on and hosted many of events within the Grand Rapids area, I know the importance of putting on a good show and the components that are involved with that. The vision, the look, and the people involved. I am attempting to put together an event planning company that will allow a customer to not only contract of consulting for their special event, but also find every component need if the event is already has a planner. Our services would consist of many services inside of services. A customer can contract us to complete their vision of their special event from beginning to end or simply contract a services. For instance we can provide services A la cart such as hosting, Djing services, wedding and special event props (photo booth, full or partial event decorations, 360 booth), photographers, caterers, Senior Send Off services, ect. Grande La Foi will be an competitive force in the event planning realm of west Michigan.
Grande La Foi is designed to meet all the needs of a customer putting on any type of event. The amazing component of Grande La Foi is that it partners and utilizes small business in our community to complete its mission. There are over 100 small businesses in the Grand Rapids area that offer the one of the services that is involved with Grand La Foi's mission. We would like to partner and create opportunity for those small businesses. With that it gives a small business owner who provides that service a bigger platform to grow. For instance: we have already connected with a photographer who has went into business for himself but is struggling to get contracts and business. As a partner they will become one of the recommended photographers for Grande La Foi clientele. This is just one example for the many business owners that can benefit and be impacted from this business. Our team will not only give our clients and potential customers exceptional service from our 20 plus years of creating successful events in the Grand Rapids Area.
What I'll do with $5,000
We can pay for materials and products needed for our company. We would also pay to own the name Grande La Foi as well as pay for website and marketing tools and resources.
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