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About this idea
Fostering Growth Mindset in Kids: The Key to Achieving Big Goals Imagine having an ambitious objective to achieve, but feeling uncertain about your ability to make it happen. Enter the growth mindset – the belief that with hard work and a never-give-up attitude, you can improve your skills no matter where you began. My new book that portrays children from different backgrounds encourages a love of learning and a can-do spirit, essential for achieving those significant goals. Our Growth Mindset Educational Kit includes tools to help the next generation rock it, such as snazzy flashcards with positive affirmations to combat self-doubt. Let's cultivate a growth mindset and reach new heights!
I've developed an impactful book and mindset kit aimed at inspiring underprivileged children. My goal is to share this empowering resource at schools and social events, encouraging young individuals to recognize their potential! As a minority woman who has overcome numerous obstacles and broken barriers, my mission is to motivate children to reach for the stars. By providing them with inspiration and valuable tools to achieve their seemingly impossible dreams, I hope to make a positive impact in their lives.
What I'll do with $5,000
Empowering the Community with a Powerful Book and Flashcards Imagine the impact of my book inspiring crowds at library events, schools, and community gatherings! To make this dream a reality, I need to invest $2500 in publishing and printing. Once that is done, I will print vibrant flashcards to spread the power of a growth mindset to bright young minds, which will cost $1500. Lastly, I will allocate $500 to a marketing budget to spread the word and share my empowering book and educational kits to include flashcards with the community!
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