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About this idea
Healthy2Go is a Fresh Food Company on a mission to Bring Better Food to the People. After experiencing a lack of healthy grab-and-go options, Chief Saladista, Breanna Hill decided to take a leap and create a solution. Healthy2Go (H2G) meals are packed with protein, healthy carbs, fresh greens, and colorful veggies. Each medley includes a signature sauce, taking the meal to the next level. H2G Meals currently come in three varieties: - Southwest Black Bean with Chipotle Ranch - Teriyaki Rainbow with Chili Ginger Garlic Glaze - Cucumber Chickpea with Creamy Dill Dressing This is not the first time submitting to the 5X5 Night. Though Healthy2Go was not selected to move forward in the past, we received valuable feedback to increase our chances for the next opportunity. We now have proof that this idea is sustainable and profitable. Through strategic marketing and pricing, we are consistently reaching profit margins between 40-58%. Healthy2Go Meals are currently available through South East Market (Grand Rapids), Market Wagon Delivery Service (West Michigan Region), and Direct-to-Consumer through pre-orders. Our pre-order model and grass-roots marketing are what fostered a successful launch with very little financial risk. With our current capacity, we are only able to fulfill one-third of the demand for meals. Retailers such as Bridge Street and Webster's Market, along with a myriad of local cafés are eager to provide our meals to their customers. The hurdle that we must overcome is expanding production, adding a staff member, and maintaining a par level of supplies to meet our demand. Healthy2Go is not like any other meal prep service. Our goal isn't to convert meat-eaters to a vegan lifestyle or to boast ourselves as the healthiest choice on the market. Our goal is to make better food more accessible. For more information about this colorful food, movement check out @eathealthy2go on Instagram!
People's lives have already been changed by Healthy2Go. We are providing individuals with peace of mind that they can walk into a store, quickly grab something that's good for them, and get on with their day. Here's what people are saying: "Several people say you saved the day with your meals!" - South East Market "Your product is exactly what our customers have been needing." - Bridge Street Market Beyond helping everyday people eat better, the real potential for Healthy2Go is in job creation and product line expansion: - Healthy2Go KIDS: Helping parents kick Lunchables to the curb. - Business Lunch Boxes: Providing organizations healthy meal options for meetings and luncheons - Beverage Line: Naturally sweetened beverages with added health benefits - Sweet Treat Line: Naturally sweetened treats with added health benefits - Stand-alone retail shop: Pop into a Healthy2Go retail shop and grab all your favorites - Dedicated production facilities: Full capacity to produce and distribute products beyond the Grand Rapids Area
What I'll do with $5,000
The 5X5 Grant will be used for the following: - Bulk label purchases to increase efficiency and best cost management - Increase inventory to meet and maintain current demand - Additional coolers so that we can secure and deliver to additional vendors - Company branded promo items such as tablecloths, banners, and signage to increase awareness and credibility while vending at local markets - Securing a part-time staff person This grant will allow us to be confident in adding new accounts to our growing brand.
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