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October 19, 2021 12:00 am

About this idea
Healthy2Go Meal Co. is on a mission to make flavorful, satisfying, and healthy meals as easy to obtain as fast-food. Life is busy and fast-paced. Having quick options for food that is first and foremost delicious and just happens to also be healthy is a win-win. Imagine eliminating the guesswork of lunch or being able to grab a meal at a local store in your neighborhood. Our meals have been tested from California to Michigan and we are ready to bring the Grand Rapids area what they've been asking for -- healthy meals that actually taste good!
Healthy2Go Meal Co. is dedicated to bridging the gap between "health nuts" and those on the fence about eating healthy. Our meals are crafted to appeal to those who have yet to take the leap into a full-on healthy lifestyle. The flavors will speak for themselves and help move us closer to a healthier society.
What I'll do with $5,000
Funding will be used to support branding, marketing, legal fees, and initial supplies including: - Print Materials (product labels, business cards, etc.) - Branded Products (Table runners, display materials, team clothing, etc.) - Supplies (Pop-up supplies, transport cooler, commercial blender)
About Breanna Hill

Passionate entrepreneur devoted to impacting society.

Other Entries

Eric Freeman
Mindset Meals
Our vision is to make well-being accessible to underserved communities. Mindset will create brands, develop technologies and design products to provide affordable access to mental, physical and financial health. While our product roadmap encompasses a holistic view of a well-balanced life, we believe access to affordable, healthy food is the foundation.
BeAnka Masefiade
Hello! I am BeAnka and the name of my business is Caring for Children of Color. I created a product called the “Culture Box” that assist transracial foster and adoptive families in the daily hair and skin care of their children of Color.
Ajamu Bernard
Bricks & Sticks: Mobility Training for Men
Most men are in PAIN...But I know the secret to a PAIN-FREE lifestyle. I will share those secrets with my Bricks & Sticks: mobility program.
Michael Noble
Noble Strong portable basketball shooting Rental
Noble Strong Training would like to purchase three portable basketball shooting machines as another way to build revenue for the company! Basketball shooting guns are machines that automatically pass the basketball back to the person who is shooting the basketball. With a portable shooting gun you can pack them for travel. We would be able to charge by the hour as well as take them to camps with us. Also we will be able to help hour local athletes become dynamic shooters!