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About this idea
Attendees can filter events by selecting: Location, 420 Friendliness/Family Friendliness/Potluck Friendliness, Date, Category, and Purpose. Categories include Art, Cooking, Crafts, Dance, D I Y, Discussion, Film, Music, Mysticism, Outdoors, Survival, and Writing. Purpose of events include Readings, Lessons, Workshops, Ceremonies, Classes, Collaboration and Building Community. These filters give users a seamless experience that makes their ideal events easy to find and it gives hosts more visibility. Here are just a few hosting ideas: art party, candle making, incense making, soap making, jewelry making, sewing, how to do kitchen tiling or salsa intro. Hosts can include any necessary supplies, or the knowledge shared, or the time and effort going into it, into the sales price of the admission ticket.
Not only will this app give people more financial freedom, but it will also help build community, aid in learning or teaching others to be productive and to create- and that's what creates culture. This app can give people the opportunity to make money from doing what they love. The impact of that is substantial because we currently live in a society where many people are working in places or at things they hate doing because being in survival mode puts you there. Getting people out of survival mode puts them closer towards self-actualization or self-transcendence.
What I'll do with $5,000
This is a phone app that I've been working on, and it is 90% finished. I really just have to get the filters working and the payment processing system working. So far, I have done tons of networking and found people that are interested in hosting events once it's launched. The website is totally finished along with some advertising material. If I win, I will use the $5,000 for the following: * $500 paying expert to fix final touches on app * $2,000 on YouTube Ads, bringing in 20,000 views * $2,000 on TikTok Ads, brand takeover ads, bringing in 1,000 views * $500 paying 25 friends 20 bucks to host events through the app The monthly expenses for this app and website running will be $150/month. To break even, there will need to be $1,500 in ticket sales per month. I will take 10% of ticket sales. This equates to 150 people spending $10 on a ticket per month.
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