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About this idea
To set up home fax in any home the client must pay a flat one time $250.00 set up for the inspector to properly assess the home and insert that information into the home fax program. After the set up is completed the home owners will receive login instructions via text/email to access their account. To keep their account active clients are to pay $4.99 a month which is $60.00 for a their home fax subscription. Once they set up their log in information the app gives the option to give the client to send notifications and updates to their realtor and loan officer to keep in contact with them. For maintenance purposes all home owners will know the exact day when their roof has reached the ends of its life span to ensures its replaced by a licensed roofer to prevent roof leaks. Informs home owners on yearly roof inspections to prevent concerns. It'll be the same for the furnace, air conditioner, hot water heater, electrical updates and foundation installments to prevent any major structure issues. The home owner will be to keep track and upload any photos of receipts, damages, repairs or general updates so they when go to sell they have accurate information to provide for liability concerns. Home fax will gives home owners referrals in regards to licensed roofers, plumbers, electrician and general contractors etc. where they'll be able to receive reliable service and prevent the headache of having to find any licensed and insured contractors in their area.
The impact of Home Fax will allow your day to day home owners to receive notifications and reminders to keep up and track of all maintenance items in a home such as roofs, furnaces, air conditioners and hot water heaters etc. This will allow home owners to input and insert photos and notes of any major updates, repairs or damages to their home, so when they go to sell their are no questions from the selling or buying party of what took place at the home. This tool is great for new built homes so as the home gets older the home owner is capable to keep track and even past down that for the next buyer keep the home fax going. This will also give realtors and loan officers aa free CRM to keep in track with their clients by receiving client birthday notifications, anniversary reminders, major damages or updates notifications so they can keep that relationship with each and every client.
What I'll do with $5,000
With the $5,000.00 Chandler Inspections plan on using the award earnings by investing into a web/mobile app. This app would have to be created by a licensed app developer to ensure the app can functions properly for all users. The app would take a form of coding and collecting different analytics in regards to properties. Chandler Inspections would have to pay some different hosting companies to ensure clients can properly insert as many photos as they want and help the clients simply manage their app overtime. I'm also monthly subscriptions will need a customer services rep to ensure there questions can be answered.
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