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July 22, 2024 11:59 am

About this idea
In America, the privileged have an easier way out of the court systems. Through money and biases, white people serve less sentences than blacks people for the same crimes. The hotline serves to inform people on their rights, in the toughest of situations. It will be a free service when they encounter the police. The trained professionals on the hotline will work in favor of deescalating the interaction with the police and holding the police accountable for what they can and cannot do. The disadvantage people of Kent County can rest assured that there is an agency that is willing to fight for them and keep them safe when they most need it.
The disadvantaged people of Kent County can use this service to guide their interactions with the police. People that have language barriers. People that requiere assistance with mental help support. People that feel as if there rights are being violated. A service that will mitigate and deescalate situations to achieve a more favorable outcome for all parties.
What I'll do with $5,000
The 5,000 will help support credibility for the project. It will also allow the student leaders at GRCC to speak with the appropriate counsels to move forward with the initiative (Legal, Finical, etc.). We will also seek ways to brand our image for the project and create a website. Through your support, we can promote favorable press for our project. We are seeking recourses to help write more grants to see how we would support the initiative for the long haul. Your finical support would mean the start to what we believe can transform future policing in Kent County.
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