5×5 Night at Start Garden!
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June 17, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
I Designed/Built several different types of Proprietary USDA Certified Problem Solving Hydro Ag Systems, Ag Tools & Processes that could Disrupt the Vertical Farming Industry, and help us quickly turn my Niche Living & Cut Microgreens Products Brand into the Next $10Billion$ Bagged Salad & Value-Added & Freeze Dried Powdered Michigan Products Company. I already attracted a Light Manufacturing & Ag CPA Guy who will Vest in my startup as CFO , and help the Underserved Residents and other locals apply for the USDA FSA very low interest and very easy to get Micro Loans for up to $50k to Purchase or Lease a Full Service Turn Key Hydro Ag Farm Pod to startup their own Hydro Ag Food Production businesses. I’m also building a Grow & Go Living Salad Bar Farm & Market Trailer, and a Grow & Go Mobile Farmers Market Delivery Van, to help the Farm Pod Farmers sell their Products in multiple locations and streams to Market fast, for Hardship On Real World Learning. I also attracted a Holland Michigan Total Grow LED Lightning Company that wants to help us push the boundaries to figure out much better ways to produce food Indoors , and make Healthy Food Access more Affordable. I also connected with a Solar Company Owner who wants to help us add Solar to our Farm Pod Business Parks & Farm Pods . I’ve already attracted a lot of Big & Small Food Buyers wanting to start Buying our Farm Pod Farmers Products ASAP all over Michigan and other States. I’ve been told by USDA and many others that my Hydro Ag Solution & Innovative Ideas could attract & win a lot of different types of Grants. I’m currently building an 8’x16’ Portable Cabin Style Demo Farm Pod Thanks Farmer Jeff 👨‍🌾 Remember No Farmers No Farms No Food Everyone Has To Eat Or Starve
I think this 5x5night Idea will greatly benefit the underserved residents worldwide, because my Farm Pod Business Incubator Farms will help create a lot of good Paying year round indoor Ag Jobs & Ag Businesses , while also creating Food Security & Healthy Affordable Food Access for people living in Food Deserts , and because it’s Ag related , my Ag CPA Guy can help the underserved residents and others apply for USDA FSA very low interest and easy to get Micro Loans for up $50,000 to startup their own Sustainable Food Production Businesses.
What I'll do with $5,000
If we win the $5,000 5x5night Prize , we would use it to Lease a Small Commercial Lot in an underserved community, so we can setup my 8’x16’ Cabin Style Demo Farm Pod , and help an underserved residents apply for the USDA FSA Micro Loan, so She or He can rent a Full Service Turn Key Farm Pod , to startup their own Retail Sales Food Production Business, to help us prove out my Hydro Ag Farm Pod Business Incubator Farm Concept, and start Cash Flowing to help us attract community stakeholders & investors to scale really fast.
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