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About this idea
The Hydro Ag Farm Pod Business Incubator will Lease out several different types of Full Service Turn Key Hydro Ag Farm Pods or Hydro Ag Grow Spaces to create Hands On Real World Learning from Farm-2-Fork & Seed-2-Sales . Education It’s not just Leasing out Hydro Ag Solutions Grow Pods or Spaces that will make this successful we have to educate and teach a new type of Indoor Vertical Farmers on my New Hydro Ag Systems, Ag Tools & Processes . Hydro Ag Solutions Llc plans on aligning itself with Ag Educators & STEM Forward Ag Students to test our Hydro Ag Solutions & Total Grow LED Lighting, collect the data, and help us prove out much better ways to produce food. This approach of project based real world learning will help Ag students & residents be relevant and getting them out of the classroom and more involved with how business actually works, from the aspects of , hydro Ag growing , food safety, marketing, branding, management , selling, supply chains, finance, STEM Education and a complete overall education of how the business world actually works. I already attracted a Light Manufacturing & Ag CPA Guy who will Vest in my startup as CFO, and help the Ag Students & Residents apply for the easy to qualify for USDA FSA Beginning Farmer very low interest Micro Loans for up to $50k to lease our Farm Pod spaces to startup their own Retail Sales Hydro Ag Businesses. I also attracted an Awesome MI. Ag Grant Writer Guy , who will join the Hydro Ag Team to help us research & acquire funding for all my Hydro Ag Solutions & Innovative Ideas . I also attracted a Holland Michigan LED Lighting Company that wants us to Test their Total Grow LED Lighting on my Hydro Ag Systems.
I think this idea will greatly benefit Communities Worldwide , because my Hydro Ag Solutions & Innovative Ideas will create a lot of good Paying year around , Hydro Ag Jobs & Ag Businesses , with Hands On Real World Learning , Food Security & Healthy Food Access for everyone Worldwide, especially for the people living in Food Deserts in need of Healthy Affordable Food Access
What I'll do with $5,000
I would use the $5.000 to rent a Commercial Lot or Building to setup a couple Farm Pods or Grow Spaces with my Hydro Ag Systems , and Lease them out to a couple of Ag Students & Residents to help me quickly prove out my Hydro Ag Farm Pod Business Incubator Concept , and to help attract community stakeholders & educators to help me build a Farm Pod Business Incubator Team , and attract the BAF Business Accelerator Fund , MIspringboard Varnum Law Free Legal , Urban Ag Innovation , Value-Added Products Grants , and many others to help us scale fast . I would also use that same Commercial Lot or Building to setup my Hydro Ag Farm Pod Trailer , and start growing/selling my products to all of the Big & Small Food Buyers , already wanting to start Buying & Selling my Products all over MI. ASAP, so I can start Cash Flowing , and get PO’s to help fund the Farm Pod Business Incubator , and to help us secure Sales for the Farm Pod Business Incubator Farmers . Thanks Farmer Jeff 👨‍🌾 No Farmers No Farms No Food Everyone Has To Eat
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