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About this idea
I Designed Hydro Ag Solutions that could Disrupt the Vertical Farming Industry, and turn my F2Fork Microgreens Brand into the Next $Billion$ Bagged Salad, Not just a Much Better & Cheaper Garnish with Unbelievable Margins, and I want to use my Hydro Ag Solutions to help create good Paying Hydro Ag Jobs & Ag Businesses that will help us Fix the Broken Food System , create Food Security & Healthy Food Access for everyone, especially in Food Deserts , in need of nutritious and healthy affordable foods . I’m also building a Farm-2-Fork Living Microgreens Salad Bar Farm & Market Trailer , and a 25’ Step Van into a Mobile Farmers Market to help the Farm Park Farmers Sell & Deliver their Retail Products in multiple locations and streams to Market fast. We also plan on working closely with MSU FARM Manager to help us find STEM Forward Students to Hire and properly train them on my Proprietary Hydro Ag Systems, Ag Tools & Processes . I already attracted an Awesome Ag CPA Guy who wants to Vest into my startup, and help the Ag Students & Local Residents apply for USDA FSA Low Interest Micro Loans to lease our Full Service Turn Key Farm Pod Spaces to startup their own Hydro Ag Retail Production Businesses . I also attracted an Awesome Ag Grant Writer Guy who is willing to help research & acquire funding for our Ag Jobs & Ag Business Creating startup . Muskegon Innovation Hub Team said that they would help me apply for the Business Accelerator Fund , and the Awesome GROW Team said that they would refer my startup for the Awesome Varnum Law MIspringboard Free Legal Services. USDA said that my Hydro Ag Solutions & Innovative Ideas could attract & win a lot of different Grants. Thanks Farmer Jeff 👨‍🌾 No Farmers No Farms No Food Everyone Has To Eat
I think this idea will greatly benefit Muskegon & Communities Worldwide, Because it will create good Paying Indoor Ag Jobs & Ag Businesses, Food Security & Healthy Food Access Worldwide, especially in Food Deserts .
What I'll do with $5,000
We would use the $5,000 as the matching portion for the $5,000 Small Retail Business Assistance Program offered in Muskegon to startup a Small Retail Business . We want to Rent or Purchase a Small Commercial Retail Zoning Property to startup a Hydro Ag Farm Pod Business Park with a Living Salad Bar Farm & Market Cafe that Leases out Full Service Turn Key Farm Pod Spaces to Ag Students & Locals wanting to use our Farm Park as a Launching Pad to startup their own Ag businesses, and to help our Farm Park Farmers Sell all of their Farm Products in multiple streams to Market fast.
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