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About this idea
Auxin Games is an edutainment company whose mission is to reinvent education to be interactive, immersive and fun. Our initial product is “Infection Defense”, a game intended to reach and teach a wide audience of students the intricate and phenomenal science of the human immune system. Designed by a Michigan State University microbiology alum, Infection Defense is built with science at the forefront and intends to truly engage students inside in the immune system. The game is cross-platform, able to be played from the browser of any computer, and specifically created to attract students with colorful and artistic graphics.
The target audience for the game is students above fourth grade, who have grown up familiar with game play and regularly absorb information in an interactive and graphics centered manner. This game can readily attract underserved communities, and is designed to be universally appealing. As a proof of concept, the game was able to reach 25 Michigan schools and 1,250 students over the course of 3 months; supported by science teachers and parents alike. A timed trial of 400 students showed a 40% improvement in test scores after 20 minutes of playing the game. With Infection Defense, we seek to engage students who are not normally interested in science and hope to make Michigan a STEM-forward community as the world heads in that direction.
What I'll do with $5,000
With the $5,000, we will complete, polish and bullet proof a freemium version of “Infection Defense”, that will be used to form the company to test market the game to augment existing High School classes that include the immune system in their curriculum. In concert with promoting science education, this will provide conversion metrics that provide evidence of both product-market fit and scalability, which will feed into business funding and a potential partnership with existing edugame providers. Auxin Games will build a brand and demonstrate the potential of immersive interactive instruction revitalizing education.
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