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About this idea
Holistic Body care. I infused skin healing herbs into an oil and I make 2 different types of hair oils 1. Dazzling Thread Hair Oil It helps women and men who are experiencing hair loss/ thinning, tension alopecia, sensitive scalps and damaged/weak hair follicles. 2. Scalp Re-NEW-all oil This oil is for men and women who are experiencing issues like folliculitis, scalp sensitivity, ringworms, lice, worms/parasites of the scalp, and fungus infections of the scalp. 3. Jewel’s Bliss oil This oil is for this who have Herpes, Shingles/chickenpox, Hidradenitis Suppurativa, and boils. 4. Pain Relief Body Oil This oils is made for those men and women who experience tension pains and aches, inflammation pains/aches, muscle aches/pains, menstrual pains, arthritis, gout, chronic pain syndrome. In this oil there is no CBD or THC. I only use herbs for all of my products. I also infuse a herbal oil to whip into a butter and those are called Glow Body Butters. I have several different natural smells but they all have the same benefits such as dry skin, psoriasis, dermatitis/ eczema (atopic), skin discoloration, stretch marks, unwanted wrinkles skin, blemishes, scarring skin, hyperpigmentation, and it deeply moisturizes without being too greasy and leaving stains on your clothing or bedding at night. The scents I currently have are.. Diamond Glow Body Butter (unscented) Turmeric Diamond Glow Body Butter (Turmeric and lemongrass) Delight Glow body butter (Mango & Cherry) I also can make customized body butters with essential oils and name brand scents that everyone loves to enjoy but without all of the harsh chemicals.
Everyone can benefit from my products. I do not used any chemicals, or harsh toxins. I make affordable holistic body care products and I strive to only provide my customers with products that heal, protects and create healthier I bodies. My products have been well thought out, and researched. I have taken my time with each one, and have tested each one, and I strive to always be teachable so that I can always improve my body care brand. I take my time getting to know my clients and their families specific needs. I have a passion for serving my community and helping them heal from their skin traumas and conditions. I also educate my community members, I learn to teach. My body care brand has potential to serves millions who are experiencing life altering skin and body conditions.
What I'll do with $5,000
I will use the 5,000 dollars on retrieving more equipment to make more products at once. I will also start my website back up and focus on proper marketing and advertising via social media and my community. I will buy my entire inventory, and more proper storage . I will update my old business cards, I will also buy a tent and 6Ft table so this summer I can participate in local pop up shops. I will also submit my products in the Arts Market downtown (I have been putting it off because my finances have been slow). I will have my labels for my products professionally printed for better packaging, that will also be better for my marketing and advertising on social media.
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