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June 19, 2023 11:59 pm

About this idea
At Kettle &Hops we’re putting a twist on hydration with hops. We craft hops tea blends to satisfy the hydration and flavor needs of our customers. Kettle &Hops uses all natural ingredients combined with hops, which offer many considerable health benefits. Our products contain significantly less sugar and less calories than most alternatives, plus hops tea is a non-alcoholic beverage, in case hops made you immediately think of beer. Although tea is a family friendly beverage, our primary targets are women across two age segments: ages 25-34 and 35 and up. This customer base was selected with care because the impacts of dehydration can be more severe for women. We are hoping to encourage busy, hard working women on the go to take a moment to hydrate. Upon launching, Kettle &Hops products will be available direct to consumers via our website and local retailers. We will demo our products at local farmer markets to educate our communities about tea. Kettle &Hops will generate revenue via online and retail sales of various tea products such as loose leaf tea, tea satchels (bags) and tea accessories like travel mugs and branded steepers. My greatest startup needs include inventory, packaging and marketing. At Kettle &Hops our message is simple: we care about YOUR hydration. Take a break, take a sip, and hydrate.
Women will benefit most from my idea from a hydration perspective. Our goal is to provide a health conscious alternative to sugar sodas, overly caffeinated coffee drinks and high-octane energy drinks. The real potential is testing the market to determine if this product is viable. If the products are viable we would like to open a Tea Bar within the Grand Rapids area. The K&H Tea Bar will be staffed by Grand Rapids natives. The grand vision is beyond tea. Tea is the vessel and the product but real commodity is health and wellness.
What I'll do with $5,000
5,000 would help me take the K&H Start-up to the next level. I need funding to help with product development, prototyping for packaging, purchasing supplies and inventory and marketing. Funding for marketing and web development would help immensely. ($2000) Funding for package development and prototyping would help. ($1000) Funding towards my Downtown Market kitchen space ($500). Funding for tea and hops inventory. ($1000) The remaining $500 would go towards license filing. I would work with the GVSU SBDC to build a budget around the $5000 although the items above are my most pressing needs.
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