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June 17, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
Have you ever finished a long day’s work and just wanted go home, put on a show and eat a quick meal? Have you ever left the bar late at night, wanting to go home with a quick bite to eat and not have to wait in line for over 30 minutes? Have you ever had a job where you had a working lunch but forgot to grab it out of the refrigerator? Well, those days are soon to be gone. KK’s 24hr Pizzeria will provide 24-hour automatic vending services that enables our machine to prepare from scratch and serve Italian style pizza in only 3 minutes on demand. Patented operational devices measure, dose and mix the ingredients, knead the dough by forming the pizza base, add fresh toppings, bake and serve the pizza to the consumer on a specific cardboard tray.
Our vending machines can be placed indoors or in outdoor locations such as universities, airports, stadiums, office buildings, movie theatres, hospitals, shopping malls, retail markets, convenience stores, transit stations and more. KK’s 24 hr Pizzeria will impact the lives of many single individuals and families by providing a quick, hot meal that is timely and convenient. We all can agree that pizza is one of the most social foods here in the US. Please help our dream become a reality in moving forward in purchasing our 1st automated pizza vending machine.
What I'll do with $5,000
We were able to raise $4000 by cutting grass, shovelling snow and family donations. The total cost needed to purchase our vending machine and launch our business plan into action is $12,000. If we were to win the 5x5 competition, those dollars would be used on the following: 1. Marketing 2. Website 3. Branding Consultant 4. Final payment on product 5. Business license 6. Permits & Application Fees We have not obtained any partnerships from organizations or programs. However, a philanthropist has agreed to match our fundraising efforts up to $1,500. By winning this competition, that would satisfy our production activities and operational budget.
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