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About this idea
The marketplace for catastrophe housing vendors is ripe for disruption. Current business models use call center representatives who work one case at a time, utilizing manual processes such as phone, email, and fax to secure hotel rooms for displaced families. The problems with this business model are numerous: -Time to service can be hours to days -Inconvenient locations remove families from daily routines -Not scalable. Wait times significantly increase during high-volume cycles -High fees related to large workforce required to operate -No self-service -Limited housing options Kozi is the first SAAS company in the catastrophe housing space to provide an entirely digital experience during the accommodation search and booking process. Value propositions include: -Time to service reduced to minutes -Self service gives displaced families ability to choose their accommodations -Scalable. No service disruptions during high-volume cycles -Ease. Kozi provides the modern digital experience people have come to expect. Kozi's white-label platform can be utilized directly by governmental agencies, non-profits, and property & casualty insurance carriers. The platform can also be licensed directly to existing vendors seeking to gain efficiencies and maximize their capacity.
Kozi will benefit all involved in the catastrophe housing ecosystem. We'll bring significantly increased efficiencies and cost savings to governmental agencies, non-profits, property & casualty insurance carriers, and the vendors who work to relocate displaced families. Kozi will also bring great benefit to families dealing with a terribly stressful situation by quickly and efficiently settling them in a location that keeps them connected to community and daily routines. The financial impact is significant as well. Catastrophe housing vendors currently produce $1bn+ in gross annual revenues, which will only continue to climb as climate change has an ever increasing impact on our society.
What I'll do with $5,000
Kozi presented it's MVP to a large catastrophe housing vendor early in 2022. This presentation resulted in some very beneficial critical feedback of the initial MVP. The last 4 months have been spent making updates to the product workflow as well as researching additional features and benefits. We have scrapped our old MVP and have recently completed the updated prototype demo product which we will be presenting to potential clients. The prize money will contribute to developing a full MVP of our current prototype that we can take to market.

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