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About this idea
We have located a brick and mortar that is equipped with the tools necessary to: 1. Provide space for cooks and chefs to have an opportunity to showcase their delectable dishes in a physical and steady location while generating income on a rotating or scheduled basis 2. Give chefs and cooks space to prep, cook and execute catering requests as well as allow for refrigeration and storage space which is necessary for most catering opportunities 3. Foster space for small business owners to produce items such as packaged seasonings, sauces and canned products with ease while allowing storage space 4. Opportunities to learn the basics of P2P sales for beginning food entrepreneurs 5. Be a space for education and resources as we, the owners of Kuntry Cookin', detail or experiences, best practices, help with food plans, support in navigating the licenses and inspections many beginning food entrepreneurs have no idea about 6. Simply be a space where individuals, especially of color feel included and equitable as they grow their business.
"Uncle Rohn's Table" will bring the home chef out of their kitchen, allowing them to not only earn income from their business, but also do the following: grow their crowd base; give them a physical location to prepare, cook and serve their current crowd base; learn from other experienced business owners about licensing procedures, inspections, obtaining and LLC and more. This impact alone is tremendous as it is a starting point for many who desire to operate and sell to the public while adhering to local protocol for food sales that may not necessarily have the means nor way (finances) to do so. The impact on the community as a whole is mighty as well. The goal is for this facility to be where growth is necessary - The City of Muskegon Heights. Additionally the space is centrally located making it accessible to pretty much all. This will be another venture that unifies the community while allowing residents that have a passion and desire to create foods and manage a business the freedom to live out their hearts desires at a low cost.
What I'll do with $5,000
Every cent from the winnings will go towards the purchase of the building that will house "Uncle Rohn's Table". We have met with numerous investors that are positively intrigued in this venture and willing to take a chance. We have also met with numerous banks and credit union and feel good about the possibility and availability of funding via a loan. This win decreases the amount of debt that we would take on for this venture which is always beneficial. We currently have no debt with Kuntry Cookin.
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