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About this idea
Kys puzzlers is designed for others to be able to look at this child check out his cool outfit but also understand that this child has autism, so we have to be more cautious and courtesy and patient. My child is non-verbal so he would get very upset that others could not understand what he needed. Others who did not know this of my child would judge him off of his behavior and me as a mother would feel really down about it. I started to design shirts for him that would help express that he was autistic but in a fun cool way so others would understand him. I want to be able to give all mothers that same sense of relief of pressure that I felt. My goal is to have children all around the world who may be on the spectrum for autism wear a piece of Kys Puzzlers gear even if that included a patch on that child favorite jacket, but I want them to be recognized for who they are and for others to understand we have to be more alert with this child.
The biggest impact that Kys Puzzlers is geared towards are autistic children. They deserve a voice. Their parent deserves some sort of comfort to be able to send their child out in the world and not have to worry about judgement coming from others because they are not aware. Kids deserve something that is expressive specifically to their condition. Kys puzzlers is designed with your child in mind.
What I'll do with $5,000
If I were to win the $5,000, I would use the money to purchase more merchandise so I can keep more inventory up but to also be able to appeal to my customers. I have many customers who state they love the items but as parents or supporters would also like to wear the clothes. I would be able to provide more for my customers and get on the road of being able to get Kys puzzlers recognized from other states. I would also use some of the money to put towards more knowledge of owing a business, I am self-taught so almost everything I know leading up to this date is from myself. I would like to be more knowledgeable of how to properly run a business and under the correct paths I need to take in order to succeed in this business. I really want to win this money so I can acquire all the tools necessary for sucess in this new journey I am taking on.
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