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About this idea
Law In Life provides people with a kit that they track daily by writing into them. The ultimate goal is for each person to see and be inspired by the power of tracking their life daily. This process is done by waking up in the morning seeking their higher power first by writing out the date, day, verse of the day and thanking their high power for another day, they will then log what they’ve consumed the day before, we’re vitamins and medication taken and basic cleaning completed. They will then log what they want to do more or less, thankful for during the listed week, their weekly focus, aspirations, intentions for the week and verse of the day. They will then log their financial comings, income/expense of the day before, keep track of their to-do list while rating everyday on a scale 1-10. I’ve thought of questions to configure each day so they get an idea of what they should do the next day to receive a higher rating, in the to-do journal, are also things such as worries and improvements for the day, daily notes, their daily schedule and loss of that day. Next they will check out their calendar which allows them to keep track of upcoming bills and appointments. Over time a person will begin to notice what they need to do more or less to reach their true Self (higher self) more efficiently and begin to notice what they need to do to change or keep doing in their life to become closer to their higher power.
The impact of these kits make an effect on each individual who uses them because they are automatically bettering their 8 dimensions of wellness. This affects the community that person lives in because they are in a tighter alignment which makes the environment around them more peaceful and life driven. This kit is meant for anyone who can write.
What I'll do with $5,000
Pay off my credit card debt that I’ve accumulated from purchasing the kits and start off of business ($450). I will then buy 33 kits which will cost roughly $1,000. I also plan on using the money for Facebook and Instagram ads to get my business name out there. I then plan on saving 1,000 to begin a building fund. I also plan on paying off documents cost of $212 to make sure the company is following the state guidelines. After purchasing that is needed I will save the the rest to figure out my next step to Law In Life.
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