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About this idea
The LectoCultura collection for guided reading has been created to meet the specific needs of the children in the SI programs by developing the linguistic and cultural progression in a gradual way. The project for this collection comprises series with a different linguistic emphasis for each grade. These emphases are phonetics, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. So far two series are in the market. FONOCULTURA is the first series in this collection. This series has been designed for the kindergarten grades. It comprises thirty books ordered from readings levels A to C. Each one of the levels has ten books. As its name states, the approach of these books is the syllabic phonetics. The phonetic progression starts with simple consonant – vowel (CV) combinations in two-syllable words, and continuous up to complex combinations of consonant – consonant — vowel (CCV) in three syllable-words. The management of this progression is comprehensive and cyclical. Therefore, in the last books the practice with diphthongs and CVC combination is maintained. We have paid attention to the gradual progress, so that transitions to the most complex structures are barely perceived by students. Since the grouping of syllables in Spanish differs from the one in English, the program also prepares the kindergarten children in syllabic division. MORFOCULTURA is the second series in this collection. This series has been designed for first, second and third grades. It is comprised of thirty books ordered from readings levels D to R. This series focuses the attention of students on morphemes, the component parts of a word. These parts give the words function and meaning through communication, and widen for the first, second and third grades the possibilities of combinations to enrich their vocabulary. These two series uses high frequency basic vocabulary and regional vocabulary. The thematic vocabulary is made up based on the stories, so that the children gather enough lexical and contextual tools to advance in the reading, and enhance their oral and written production. The cultural component of these two series is developed in a simple and direct way. Each character, including the animals, has a defined personality and lives connected situations that make the series attractive, and involve the children in the adventures. We expect the children to get familiarized with other life styles, accept them and see their value, but also value their own culture. This reflection is achieved through the comprehension questions at the end of each book. There are several components of the series: FONOCULTURA - Letter and syllable dividers. - Picture cards for each book with names at the back. - Syllable cards for the vocabulary that appears in each book. - Recorded videos of the books read by native speakers. - 6 tutorial videos for teachers. FONOCULTURA AND MORFOCULTURA - Vocabulary cards (with definitions on the back for MorfoCultura) - Book of activities for all the books in the series. - Take-home books in black and white. - Printed or electronic colored books. - Memory games online for the vocabulary It is our desire that these series, and the whole collection become a good tool for the development of reading in the SI programs.
Not only the Spanish Immersion Programs in the United States benefit from this project. Several sectors of the society benefit from it. Among them, all the schools in Spanish in the world because the books helps those students whose first language is Spanish and those whose first language is English. It also benefits the schools who teach Spanish as a second language and the home school programs. The cultural approach brings awareness of the richness of the Hispanic culture and helps students and parents to overcome the fear of the unknown and break most cultural barriers. This collection of books is also the tool for a language teaching curriculum for elementary schools that will be implemented as a pilot project beginning next school year.
What I'll do with $5,000
I will use this money to support four expansions of the project. - A marketing campaign. That includes a promotional video, publicity in social media and visit to schools. - Recording of 7 songs for the FONOCULTURA books. I am writing the songs and I have a team of musicians who will sing and play them. I am planning to have this first album songs released by the middle of 2023. -Creation of products that complement the books: shirts, stuffed animals, Colombian hats and sandals, etc. -A new computer with the last version of photoshop. My husband is the illustrator of my books and he needs better technology for his work. I am aware that what I requiere for these expansions is much more, but I am sure that there are other means to reach all those goals.
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