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About this idea
Little Licks currently creates Seamoss gel which we sell at two different price points. A jar of 16 oz for $25 and a jar of 32 oz for $35. The goal is to create an alkaline subscription box that caters to everyone in the family, in addition to the Seamoss gel I want to add Seamoss infused popsicles, fruit leather and Zucchini chips that makes it easy for busy family's on the go to snack consciously. Each curated box will include three season specific recipes to use the gel in as well as an in season herb sample that educates the consumer on ways it can be used in the home. The truth is that whether you are new to Seamoss or a seasoned vet, many don't understand the variation of species and the different properties associated with each. Even if this is the first time a consumer hears about this Algae I want to empower them with education and resources that aren't limited to just their communities.
As a first generation American to Dominican parents, I grew up in the Bronx, and realized that most of our grocery stores and bodegas were cluttered with high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and MSG. Being a Caribbean native, I didn't know anything about Seamoss until late in my 20s. Even though Seamoss grows in abundance along the coast, it is rare to hear of anyone using it for its medicinal properties, much less as a supplement for nutrients. The trend being a lack of education. While their are resources available to minorities like WIC, they often limit the type of foods that are considered "nutritious" and "healthy" to an American diet. However, healthy doesn't look the same for everyone, especially when we take into account the multitude of backgrounds and upbringings that can contribute to a human experience. Our curated subscription boxes will act as both a source for a healthier lifestyle, as well as a tool of education that will inspire generations to come. I call my clientele little legacies, because each consumer is a part of this mosaic. Regardless of social class, level of education and financial means, when you take a look at the bigger picture I want everyone to see a brighter, sustainable future, that reflects an educated consumer making the best educated decisions, without having to worry about adversities.
What I'll do with $5,000
With the $5,000 I will hire another small black business called " The Jackson Project" out of Detroit. He is the designer of my logo, and he charges $2,500 to create total brand recognition. He will help me create a color scheme that incorporates all of the elements of my brand to become easily recognizable amongst an array of products. The remaining $2,500 will be used to pay for the actual packaging, labeling and creation of the Seamoss infused popsicles, Seamoss fruit leather, and Alkaline zucchini chips as well as the box curated personalized boxes they will be shipped in. Fun fact : Little Licks has been operating for two weeks officially on 08/11/22 and since our product launch we have shipped to NY, FL, CA and TX. A portion of the funds will also be used towards comparing different shipping rates with carriers. Right now, three day shipping to LA using UPS is $49.99. My goal is to find a way to deliver the freshest products, without creating a financial burden to my clientele.
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