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About this idea
LIVAQ’s go-to-market (GTM) strategy for its electric ATV, EQUAD, is a phased approach that targets different customer segments progressively, from businesses to end consumers. Setting the target geographical market as coastal, desert areas in the U.S, Mexico and Caribbean Islands, this is the detailed phases of the strategy: Phase 1: B2B - Launch and Partnership Development In the initial phase, LIVAQ will focus on establishing partnerships with businesses in the hospitality, recreation and adventure tourism sectors, such as hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and eco-adventure rental companies. The goal is to place the EQUAD as a premium, sustainable rental option, enhancing the guests' experience while aligning with the businesses' sustainability goals. LIVAQ will identify partner business and target those who align with their brand values of sustainability and exceptional outdoor experiences. Presenting the EQUAD as a value-add service that can generate additional revenue streams for partners, enhance their sustainability profile, and provide a unique experience for guests. Initiate trial periods with selected partners to showcase the vehicle's capabilities and gather feedback and establish long-term contracts with partners for fleet purchases, maintenance services, and technology updates. Phase 2: B2B+C - Brand Consolidation and Experience Creation Once the EQUAD is integrated into the partner offerings and initial market feedback is positive, LIVAQ will leverage these partnerships to build brand recognition and create unforgettable experiences for rental customers and adventure visitors, and this includes: developing co-branded marketing materials to be used on-site and online, highlighting the partnership and the unique offering, working with partners to ensure the infrastructure supports seamless rental experiences, including charging stations, booking systems, and customer service. With a vehicle management app, LIVAQ can establish mechanisms to collect customer feedback, from both business owners and riders to continually improve the product and the experience. Phase 3: B2C - Direct Customer Engagement and Ownership With the brand firmly established and a solid infrastructure in place, LIVAQ will transition to engaging directly with consumers, capitalizing on the positive experiences of rental customers to drive desire for ownership. To ensure this, LIVAQ will optimize on the user experience side, from website to delivery, and provide a seamless touch-points. Expansion of the sales channels to include direct online sales, showrooms, and pop-up events in strategic locations will catch more individual buyer’s eyes. On top of the serial effort, financing options, trade-in programs and loyalty rewards to facilitate the transition from renting to owning will allow LIVAQ to have comparatively low customer acquisition cost as a vehicle company. This GTM strategy enables LIVAQ to build a strong B2B foundation, create a memorable brand experience, and establish a pathway to consumer sales, ultimately leading to increased market penetration and brand loyalty.
The current ORV market of $8.3 billion is 98% dominated by gas-powered ATV/UTVs that drives in nature while slowly killing the environment with gas fumes and loud engine noise. Also, many outdoor vehicle rental businesses are losing average $8,000 to maintain each vehicles per year, which is a lot of money wasted on gas and maintenance. Our product is developed by seeking solutions to those problems. Within the recreational off-roading market, we are targeting the 5% serviceable obtainable market which is $275 million. Our ATV EQUAD will have 67mph top speed and 170mi max range that will have the vehicle owners more interested with the ultra performance and save tons by spending less than $5 for recharge. Being an electric vehicle, riding in the national parks will be more welcomed by zero carbon emission and free of noise. Nature will be kept clean for the next generation and the driving experience will be unparalleled.
What I'll do with $5,000
LIVAQ team is currently consisted of two full-time founders: David Medina (CEO and founder) and Gia Kim (CMO and co-founder). As both founders are international entrepreneurs, each from Mexico and Korea, having a Visa is the most crucial and important agenda to lead the business. Gia is an excellent CMO for brand and marketing strategy and amazing female entrepreneur, but she has to keep her day-job since it is her current Visa sponsor. As LIVAQ grows rapidly, our team desperately needs her Visa transfer to LIVAQ so she can focus on building stronger and faster business growth. The grant of $5,000 will be very appreciated and be directly used to hire an immigration law attorney to set up a good Visa foundation for her.
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