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June 17, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
Malamiah Smoothie Subscriptions are the next big thing to take off from West Michigan! The subscription industry in the United States is at almost $19 Billion. The Smoothie industry is currently a $15 Billion dollar industry. Malamiah Juice Bar's Smoothie Subscription will merge the two industries together by packaging all the fresh ingredients one would need to create a healthy and delicious smoothie right from their home and/or office. Malamiah Juice Bar will use its current produce providers to source the freshest ingredients, portion them our and drop them in the mail, to be use instantly and/or later by the customer. Our first recipes will be inspired by customer favorites at our current juice bar locations. Like the Island Vacation and the Cocoa Elvis Smoothie, to name a few.
We are predicting that the Malamiah Smoothie Box will yield a "juicy" 60-70% profit margin. This concept will allow us to reduce produce waste at Malamiah Juice Bar by being able to freeze products, get more of Malamiah into the bellies of those located outside of Grand Rapids and help everyone who desired to eat/drink health, the ability to do it quick and conveniently with a trusted brand with almost 9 years of experience.
What I'll do with $5,000
Being that this is the 5x5 All Stars Pitch Competition, the prize money is $10,000. If selected as the winner, we will be able to launch the first round of the Malamiah Smoothie Subscription, locally within a 1 day delivery timeframe via FedEx or UPS. We estimate the following costs, to turn this idea into reality: -Product Design: $500 -Product Testing: $500 -Large Freezer: $2000 -Dry Ice Freezer: $500 -Packaging: $1000 -E-Commerce Website Buildout: $3000 -Produce Sourcing: $1000 -Contingency: $1500
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