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July 22, 2024 11:59 am

About this idea
Our vision is simple yet powerful to make everyone feel seen, included, and confident. We’ve taken up the mission to break away from the one size fits all mentality that has dominated the fashion industry too long. Instead, we embrace all body types and promote the message that every individual is uniquely beautiful. Your well-being matters. When you join our movement, you become part of our fashion family. We’re here to support, empower, and inspire you. We understand that a family looks out for one another and that’s why we’re committed to your well-being. We’re your safe space for self-expression. You can be yourself without fear, knowing that you’re supported by a community that values diversity and individuality. We design and curate a wide range of clothing styles for every body type, because we understand that confidence begins with comfort. Our designs are not confined to one ideal; they celebrate the entire spectrum of human diversity. From our fabrics being chosen with care and providing a comfortable fit that makes you feel at ease in your skin. Maudi is dedicated to versatility, inclusivity and exclusivity. Being that we understand how important and vital it is to be where you are valued, seen, and celebrated, Maudi will carefully plan and host events to further promote our mission. Just to name a few: Earth Day pick up (a day where we volunteer in our community to help keep our community clean), an all-inclusive camping event, movie night during the month of October, and an all-girls slumber night. When you choose Maudi, you’re not just buying clothes, you're buying into a brand that believes in self-love. A brand that will include everyday essentials, to elegant evening wear. The Maudi brand revolves to suit your fashion needs year-round. With Maudi, it’s not just fashion, it’s about feeling good, looking good, being yourself and celebrating life. So, let’s come together, embrace diversity, and celebrate Maudi’s way.
Maudi will change lives by promoting inclusivity and celebrating unique beauty. Our clothing will boost self confidence of many who’ve struggled with body image issues. Individuals who have faced challenges in finding clothing that fits and flatters their bodies, those who have felt excluded by the fashion industry’s one size fits all approach, individuals struggling with self confidence , and communities embracing diversity . By promoting body positivity we have the real potential to contribute to a broader cultural shift and empower individuals to lead more confident and fulfilling lives.
What I'll do with $5,000
Inventory : 3300 Ads ( Social Media, Email and sms marketing) : 550 Photoshoot: 300 Website: 200 Packaging: 300 Logo: 150 Label/Wash care tags: 200
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