5×5 Night at Start Garden!
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June 17, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
We are a small food business located in the western market in muskegon, mi. We have been operating for one season from spring to fall. We have created a cool following in our community in the little time that we have had with them. We generated around 60-70 thousand in sales in a 6 month season. We know that we have potential to grow but the space we currently have is limiting us. We would love to be able to build out a food truck and put it on our own property with a commissary kitchen and a cool outdoor patio. We feel if we could expand our operation we could have more room for overall operation which will mean we can do more and generate more revenue while also expanding our donation based program to feed those in need. Creating this community space is important to us because we feel like if we can give someone a place to escape we could really be doing good for the mental health of the community.
We feel creating community space could benefit anyone from customers looking for some good food to local artists looking to display their craft. Also if we are able to expand our melting away hunger program people in need can also benefit from this. Peoples lives will change because if we can give them a place to relax and forget about their troubles it will be a success. Plus if we can feed people who are hungry and can't afford something to eat then we feel like it could really turn someone's day around.
What I'll do with $5,000
It will be used to either build out a food truck or a new space to create our little community hub that not only let's us create awesome food but also showcase other local artists from our community. If we can expand our business that means our program will also expand and allow us to feed more people and also possibly donate to other charities and programs. We believe that good food and and a fun atmosphere could change someone's day and that's why we would us that $5,000 to expand and create this little community hub.
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