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June 17, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
How do products like the iPhone, F-150, or F-22 raptor move from engineering design to prototype or production? Hundreds of mechanical engineers, thousands of meetings, and millions of emails. Even when large companies like Ford or Apple try to develop internal tools, degreed engineers end up doing clerical work. We're moving best-in-class workflows such as DFM, PPAP, and Ok2Ramp and email chains and Teams meetings to a cloud-based manufacturing design platform. We allow engineering teams to securely share, collaborate, and track the quality data associated with taking individual component designs to prototype and mass production.
Moving products from a design on a computer to a physical product people can buy is expensive. During the COVID-19 pandemic, high production costs and supply chain shortages were brought to light . What people don't read about are the product development and manufacturing workflows that are almost 3 decades old being used to combat these issues. Our platform will allow engineers and their manufacturers to move products and supply chains forward at a pace that has not been possible.
What I'll do with $5,000
This business is being funded by myself and my co-founder, an ex-Microsoft software engineer whose family I have known for years. We've both quit our jobs and have been working on this product since the fall of last year. We are picking up traction and have been meeting with engineering leadership from many companies, including Anduril, Zoox, and Blue Origin. We have a small aerospace company in Milwaukee, WI who is interested in our product but wants to see a fully working version (we've only had partially-built workflows set up for user testing). Our best-estimates show us delivering this by mid-June, however, our cash burn will land us dangerously close to being out of business by mid-may. We're so close to being able to get this off the ground and this $5000 will allow us to easily make it to June and potentially close this first deal. Thanks for the opportunity!
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