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About this idea
Across all our brands, we will compete on the basis of price, accessibility and environmental/social impact. Through the Mindset Meals brand, we will first focus on food insecurity in the workplace by providing access to healthy, ready-to-eat lunches. We will deliver value to employees by providing affordable, convenient, delicious, and well-balanced food that will help them feel great and be productive - the foundation of a healthy Mindset. Employers will benefit because they are investing in a healthier team. They will enhance their ability to attract and retain talent, increase productivity, and lower their costs by ensuring their employees have access to healthy food. As Mindset evolves, we will leverage our technology to continually add value to employees and employers by helping the Mindset community access products and resources designed to realize a well-balanced life.
Healthy employees = Healthier underserved communities = Franchise Mindset Meals to underserved individuals/families to help them build wealth = Social and Environmental Impact
What I'll do with $5,000
This grant will help Mindset Meals get to the true funding we are seeking.
About Eric Freeman

Gaining knowledge and experience to then help others who may be underserved.

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