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April 22, 2024 11:59 pm

About this idea
If you live a busy life in the metro Grand Rapids Area, then your vehicle probably looks like mine. Toys, crumbs, dog hair, and grime. Furthermore, how do you find time to get it detailed? Is your camper or boat docked somewhere with limited access to water and power? That is where Lava GR Mobile Detailing could come in handy. We have Uber and Lyft to give us rides. We have Shipt for our groceries. But when you think of professional detailing services, who will come out to you and bring this ever costly water and power to you? Lava GR Mobile Detailing is your one stop shop... or should we say mobile shop. When COVID hit the U.S, Lava GR Mobile Detailing was there supporting our government to fog vehicles infested with COVID, bed bugs, and more. The key factor that separates us from the competition is that not one of our crew members contracted COVID or any other illnesses while working on the vehicles that were infected. We helped agencies such as the DNR, CPS, MSP, and FBI. We also serviced and continue to service some of the largest companies in the U.S. What is the main problem? Call a detailing company and ask for their wait times. Ask how many of their employees are trained detail technicians and also ask if they are capable of handling biohazard clean-ups. These biohazard cleanings range from COVID fogging, (which also kills, MERSA, Tuberculosis, all COVID strains, HIV, and more), suicide, and homicide cleanings. We are trained and ready to handle a simple cleaning of a minivan and capable of fogging an entire building infected with an airborne disease. There are limited trained professionals willing to take on the risk of these tasks. However, Lava GR does not say no to a job. The detailing industry is growing every day. We can confidently say that we have tested the mobile market and it is viable in all aspects. The demand is so high that we need to build better units, train more people, and create a dedicated fleet that will handle these issues. An Uber driver has a customer that vomits in their car. A boat needs a quick cleanup before the owners get there before the weekend. A small family is having a new baby and needs their vehicle detailed. We own a small shop as it is and get calls about them having to wait 1 month for a detail. Grand Rapids is a staple in the United States for being manufacturers. However, we also need to show folks that we are here to help them with cleaning in general. Lava GR Auto Detailing has proved that they are a staple in West Michigan. We need to grow that business and provide more mobile opportunities and help more people struggling with everyday grime and also biohazards. Just remember, a larger fleet means more income and more customers served.
The impact is simple. We have proven that none of our team members contracted COVID while working on vehicles that were infested with COVID. This is the first time we are coming out with this publicly. Clean vehicles equates to a cleaner living. It has been proven and tested by a small start up that the local government and federal government rely on. Diving deeper and into more shallow waters; this idea will not only employ more people and train them how to detail professionally, but it also makes people excited getting into a clean vehicle. Biohazards aside, it is a wonderful feeling passing off a vehicle, boat, camper, etc... to a customer and watching their smile. New cars are hard to come by these days, so why not take care of what we have? In summary, single mothers, large families, busy families, large companies and small companies, and the government all benefit from having a cleaner vehicle. And what better way then to be able to do it while they are at work, home, or the docks? There is nothing better.
What I'll do with $5,000
Simply put, we have a trailer setup being built by Great Lakes Cleaning that we will test as our first professional grade unit. The trailer includes heated water, power, a larger water tank, and all the bells and whistles that would make detailers across the world second guess their setup. The money would be put towards equipment that is not only American made, but provided by a local company. When we are detailing a 60 foot yacht or 8 Michigan State Police cars, you need a nice unit to keep up with the work and do it proficiently.
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I am a certified master detail technician from Grand Rapids Michigan.

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