October 5×5 Night
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October 23, 2023 11:59 pm

About this idea
The juicy details is that it is we have four favors: Pineapple Moscato is made with a white Moscato it's our sweet & spicy, Sweet Orange Serena is made with a red wine it's sweet & tangy, Apple Chardonnay is made with a white Chardonnay it's our sweet & sour and Cherry Bomb Moscato made with a cherry Moscato it's our *Explosive* (Hot).
Everybody benefits from our sauces, It is unique just as wine plays to the palate individually so does our sauces. It brings out the flavor on whatever it's put on. Vegans and Vegetarians can use it on vegetables, meat substitutes like Jackfruit or Tofu to bring flavor. Our sauce is are very versatile they can be used as dipping sauces, a marinate and in recipes.
What I'll do with $5,000
Momma D's Kitchen would use the $5,000.00 grant to continue to grow our business by obtaining a Co-packer for our Momma D's Kitchen "Fine As Wine" BBQ Sauces. We will then be able to distribute to more local stores, online, our website and Momma D's Kitchen Mobile Cart Service. Momma D's Mobile Food Cart is recognized for Momma D's "Fine As Wine" BBQ Sauces because the customer has a choice of flavors to pick to have on there protein. This Grant would used to help us grow our mobile cart into a Brick and Mortar.
About Debbie Mitchell

My name is Debbie Mitchell but everybody calls me Momma D. I'm a self taught cook and owner of Momma D's Kitchen Mobile Food Cart service and Producer of Momma D's Kitchen "Fine As Wine" BBQ Sauces. In August 2019 I won 1st Place People's Choice Award in the KDL Super Park Party 3rd Annual BBQ Cook-off.

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