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About this idea
My Carbon Counter addresses the biggest gap people who care about the planet but aren't sure what (else) they can do: turning awareness into simple action to build long-lasting habits. Scientists support that we have all the technology we need to fully address climate change -- what's missing is human behavior change. Everyday people, en masse, are the key to unlocking the changes needed in new policies and the market generally. But what's missing to help people to make lifestyle changes? People need easier ways to find pollution slashing shifts and get ongoing positive feedback on taking action. My Carbon Counter is web-based app that focuses first and foremost on serving individual users with simple pre-calculated shifts they can try, repeat, and build into habits. The platform adds the pollution prevented on the users dashboard, to provide immediate and ongoing feedback to the changes they make. But after early tests we know people want more than knowing they are doing the 'right' thing -- they want to see it building into a movement of change. To address that My Carbon Counter adds all prevented pollution together into a Carbon Collective, a community of impact, that is shared weekly with users.
My Carbon Counter was designed to benefit people 25-50, those most likely to busy with their careers, growing families, or just the general work to find financial comfort. People that don't have a lot of extra time to attend climate events or put climate informational lists into action. Simplified tools with better feedback on the impact of lifestyle shifts, will allow these users to more easily put awareness into simple action with shifts that are mood boosters, money savers, and can improve people's health. More than that it will create windows of hope for people to see the path for a brighter future on the planet.
What I'll do with $5,000
My Carbon Counter V1 is functional and open for Founding Memberships and month-to-month members. It's anticipated that the funds collected from memberships will cover a baseline of development work (maintenance, troubleshooting, and future feature development). Additional funds are needed to support improving UX/UI and identify key new features for a V2 to be released around Earth Day 2022. It's expected that all $5,000 will go towards a local UX/UI designer to run a few sprints that will refine and improve existing experience and develop a roadmap for V2 in early 2022.
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