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About this idea
I have the concept, aesthetic and idea to create hand sewn tshirts, and accessories that include bags/duffle bags, socks, jewelry and hats that blur the line of street wear, sportswear and high fashion. I can show the samples I've made, but I need help with fully producing the full range of items and creating finished, fine pieces to be available to the people.
The people who benefit the most are those that need hope and inspiration. I'm just a regular person with a cool idea. I dedicate all my time to my artistic career and it resonates to those who have discovered my work. What's the real potential? The sky isn't the limit. If I could live forever it would never reach its potential. So within a 100 years of my work, I believe its potential in this lifetime can be foundational for creating a pathway for future leaders and creatives. The potential to inspire millions.
What I'll do with $5,000
What will I do with the grant? I will execute design models for new Tshirt silhouettes to be hand sewn, and create accessories like bags/duffle bags, jewelry, and hats all made by hand, hopefully with the opportunity and help of an employee(s). I've created the momentum, now I need the traction to take off and reach new pillars in my career. I will seek professionals who will guide my business in the right direction in creating a frame for allocating and budgeting the grant in order for things to run smoothly and to get the ideas off the ground. I want to hire a seamstress and tailor to help create the first season of handmade shirts and accessories. The need for highly skilled artisans is dire for my brand to become truly successful.
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