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About this idea
MySahara Tea is sourced from a collaborating partner in Northern Nigeria. This single mother of two children blends a unique flavor with various herbs, roots, and spice using the ancient local tea recipe. The tea packets are placed in an inner packaging and shipped to our office in Romulus, Michigan. The inner packaging is what keeps our product nestled safely in the outer packaging that we provide upon arrival to our office. One goal is to distribute MySahara Tea to various commercial stores, cafes, and restaurants in the Midwest. The tea will also be sold online. We are developing MySahara Tea gift baskets with products sourced from sub-Saharan Africa, for example, “authentic woven African baskets, woodwork carvings, and coasters". We would be adding to the gift baskets unique made in America products such as honey. Ultimate goal is to scale our product for the world to enjoy the richness of this unique herbal tea blend.
Everyone in the supply chain benefits from this idea; (1) The single mother of two is able to provide a better future for her family. She will be able to earn a very good living, lift her family out of poverty and hire 10-20 more people in the community (2) The local transportation company to the port of export will benefit. (3) As a Pure Michigan company, the State of Michigan with benefit through taxes paid, workers hired, capital investments for packaging, distribution and advertising. (3) The consumer will benefit from consuming a natural 100% organic herbal blended tea. As we grow, more participants (farmer's markets, grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, offices, etc.) will be added to the value/supply chain. They will also benefit from the success of the product. Together We Rise.
What I'll do with $5,000
The $5,000 will be used to put a down payment on a commercial kitchen, obtain a wholesale license, website development updates, UPC Barcode, product repackaging design to become retail ready, marketing, and to create additional variations of the tea. As of now, we have one flavor (Mint). We would like to include the following flavors: hibiscus, lavender, chamomile and beetroot. We would pay for vending application opportunities at Farmers Markets and networking events. They provide opportunities for small business to sell their products for people who rather use herbal remedies. Participation in trade shows to raise MySahara Tea brand awareness, forge business relationships. Hiring a business plan consultant to assist with ng compile our operation strategy.
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