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About this idea
Navigator Emergency Services provides emergency and disaster response and consulting services. Our services include being able to put boots on the ground in and eyes in the air. Our clients will include government agencies and communities, as well as private sector businesses. Specifically, our services include: EOC management assistance and consulting Search and rescue Search and recovery Disaster mitigation services Aerial photography & videography Surveillance We are also seeking to build out a training platform for agencies and organizations to use to broaden their internal knowledge base.
Navigator Emergency Services, with its drone services and emergency management consulting and response capabilities, provides a critical service that helps keep communities safe by quickly and efficiently identifying and responding to emergency situations. The use of drones allows for rapid assessment of emergency scenes and can provide valuable information to first responders, enabling them to make more informed decisions and take more effective actions. The emergency management and response services offered by Navigator Emergency Services also help to coordinate and mobilize resources during emergency events, which can save lives and minimize damage to property. Overall, the services provided by Navigator Emergency Services make communities more resilient and better prepared to handle emergency situations, and can play a key role in ensuring public safety in times of crisis.
What I'll do with $5,000
We will use the funding to purchase an underwater drone in order to increase our search and recovery, inspection and assessment response capabilities. This will allow us to respond to emergencies where water presents a hazard in a way that allows for us to more closely partner with other responding organizations and agencies. With the remaining funds, we will invest in creating an online training platform via our website to assist organizations in training areas such as urban search and rescue and mental health awareness. We will utilize the funds to hire qualified instructors in these and other areas.
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