January 5×5 Night
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January 23, 2023 11:59 pm

About this idea
The big idea is to eventually provide all of the materials, and the installation as well as to develop an app that will allow them to get a glimpse of how the material will look in the desired area.
Being able to provide the material as well as the installation for the customer can save them time making the process as easy as possible for both parties.
What I'll do with $5,000
Since I will be working in the trades industry, the safety and well-being of the employees including myself will be one of my top priorities before making an official launch for my idea. That is why about $2,000 of the funds will go directly towards acquiring insurance that can provide top coverage for the employees. I will be using another $2,000 to purchase tools such as knives, fans, a power stretcher, and a floor sander as well as other tools needed to do the job. The remaining funds will be used to purchase high-visibility t-shirts for the employees as it is required by most contractors.
About Jose Meza

My name is Jose Meza, a 26-year-old man working in the world of trades. I began installing carpet, vinyl, and many other types of flooring during my early years in high school. After graduating high school, I obtained my Associate of Business from GRCC, which helped me land a job as an operations assistant for an industrial sewing company. In late 2018 I left my job and decided to go back to flooring, as I had the dream of someday becoming my own boss. I have been working since then for S&S Carpet Co.

Other Entries

Adolfo Carrillo-Ramirez
Lucky Guy Mobile Auto Detailing The Car Wash That Comes To You!
The opportunity arises when people do not have enough time to carry out the detailed cleaning of their vehicles, so Lucky Guy Auto Detailing offers the service of washing vehicles at home, that is, we go to the workplace or to your home. So, the customers can continue carrying out their day-to-day activities or share with their family, giving them a better quality of life without taking away the time that they can use to spent with their families. It is important to mention that with this business we will create employment opportunities for many people in the community, including immigrants who, like me, are starting a dream in this country, thus creating a strong social impact on our community. If we compare with traditional car washes, the mobile car wash service is eco friendly since the cost of water per vehicle is less than a traditional car wash, and it is for this reason that we contribute our grain of sand for the conservation of the environment