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About this idea
We will be producing a beneficial unique line of herbal supplements that many have no knowledge on. These herbs will be healthy and healing; improving the lives of many suffering from illnesses they should not be having to live with. These herbal supplements will also help support the prevention of many diseases/disorders from arising within the human race. When you look around, hardly any advertisement or education is being pushed on the public when it comes to herbs and their multiple benefits to the body. Many grocery stores only offer a few alive leafy green herbs like cilantro, mint, lemon grass, and ginger while having isles full of synthetic supplements that come with side effects. Many of these synthetic supplements sold in stores have also been found to contain heavy metals and none of the listed ingredients on the bottles . We will begin with 4 herbal supplements which have already been created to target the support of the digestive system (colon, intestines, stomach), immune system health, respiratory system health, heavy metal elimination , and over all wellness. The best part is they will all be handmade and organic with trusted natural ingredients.
This product will be beneficial to all. It will not only allow people to be more conscious of what is being put in their bodies, but will also inspire them to improve their health and the health of others through proper nutritional intake. These natural supplements will give many the opportunity to heal knowing they can trust the ingredients. Over 75% of Americans are diagnosed with a chronic illness and many do not know they have one. These chronic illnesses slowly develop overtime due to nutritional deficiencies, poor diets, environmental exposures to toxins, and every day products/materials used made with toxic metals and chemicals. However, poor health can be reversed through proper intake of beneficial nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that you can not find in processed foods or synthetic medications. A better future can arise by natural healing. Trillions of dollars are spent every year on medical treatments, research, and development of chronic diseases and disorders. These can be cut drastically with the push of holistic health and be used elsewhere to help improve our lives and home (Earth).
What I'll do with $5,000
With $5000, I will be able to move forward with more production of this product. Marketing and advertising of these beneficial products designed for all can also be accomplished. Supplies would be purchased, certification for efficacy cost covered, and further education to assure the best herbs are being provided. I would also like to use the $5,000 to create a platform to help educate people on the herbs we use and more.
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