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About this idea
Our goal is to provide affordable guided hiking, backpacking, and paddle sports experiences for people. Currently, our company is centered around our two websites, michiganfishingforever.com and hikehuntcamp.com. We would like to grow into the following areas: Monthly guided backpacking, hiking, and camping trips Monetization of current outdoor content sources Paddle sports rentals, including paddleboards, canoes, kayaks.
Our target customer is someone that perhaps wants to try a new outdoor experience, but doesn't have the gear or knowledge to feel comfortable in the outdoors. This limits a lot of people to being able to do only certain things outdoors. By providing multiple ways for people to learn about, experience, and share the outdoors with like-minded people, Pack & Paddle Expedition Co can have a positive impact on the community.
What I'll do with $5,000
$5,000 will be fundamental to creating guided trips as well as allowing us to better monetize our current websites. With $5,000, we'll be able to pursue licensing to operate commercially within federal forestry lands, and increase our available rentals, such as packs, tents, and paddles ports inventory. With this business, there are significant upfront licensing costs associated with operating guided trips on state and federal lands, and that would be the initial use of funds. Depending on remaining funds, we would also seek to create a base of operations that could include canoe, kayak, and tube rentals on one of the local rivers.
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