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About this idea
The Paddling Buddy is a simple and easy to use device that can allow a person to get into and out of water on their paddleboard or kayak and then get on or off the water and nearly eliminate the likelihood of tipping over. 
So… we all know kayaks and paddleboards are sometimes unstable. They are tough to get in tough to get going sometimes and tough to get out of.
 The Paddling Buddy makes it easy to store the paddleboard or kayak and then lower into the water it provides a stable platform for user to step into their device. 
Once you’re in you just sit down and you shift your weight to the side, slide off the Paddling Buddy and away you go.
 To get back out of the water you just paddle back onto the Paddling Buddy, pull your device in tight and the stable platform is there for you to stand up to get back on the dock or out of the water. Just raise it up for storage. There are other paddleboard and kayak holders out there but none like the Paddling Buddy! Others sit in the lake, they are big, they are expensive or they are just racks that hold a paddleboard or kayak and don’t help the user get on the water easy. Just the idea that the Paddling Buddy helps a person get in and out of the water alone makes it a great product. On top of that, it is a product that can extend the age that a person can enjoy kayaking or a SUP. A product that can help thousands of people kayak and paddleboard easier.
The greatest impact of the Paddling Buddy is extending the age that a person can continue to enjoy kayaking or paddleboarding. The device aids a user as they enter or exit the water by providing a stabilization platform to get in or on easier and handholds to aid getting back on the dock or into shallow water. It also doubles as a storage device for your dock or campsite.
What I'll do with $5,000
Life events have slowed my progress with this idea but I now have a well refined concept. Proof of concept provided by my 80+ year old neighbor who is my number one test subject and my first sale. I have a manufacturer to begin more mass production of units. I will use the funds to increase the size of my next order in order to reduce my raw product cost. I also need to engage a local business to create a box for shipping and display in future retail locations. In conjunction with that in need to refine and expand my e-commerce platform for online sales.
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