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About this idea
Precious metal catalysts are used to power chemical reactions in many important processes, like purifying gasoline, making pharmaceuticals, catalytic converters, and green hydrogen energy. The current catalysts have a solid structure made of solid precious metal. Our core-shell technology enables us to coat a filler material with precious metal to offer the same performance with significant cost savings.
The future of green hydrogen energy lies in reducing the iridium required in catalysts. Iridium is a finite resource and the hydrogen industry expects to need 160% of the total annual supply by 2040. Particle-N's proprietary manufacturing process reduces the precious metal content within catalysts by up to over 70%, preventing the oncoming iridium supply shortage.
What I'll do with $5,000
Buy chemical materials, lab equipment, and machine components
About Reiner Reichenberger

I am the business manager at Particle-N, currently also an undergrad business management student. My interests align at the crossroads of business and deep-tech. I have had previous experience with ventures in the cryptocurrency, biomedical, additive manufacturing, and now nanotechnology/clean tech fields.

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