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About this idea
In a world of plastic and particle board, the Plié shelving system represents a new approach in affordable consumer products that offers the end user a more functional, sustainable, easier-to-install, and longer lasting storage solution for the home. Made from 100% recyclable aluminum, the product is sold in a "pre-folded" state allowing it to be shipped cheaper and more sustainably. Its minimalist design improves functionality while also reducing visual impact, allowing the product to blend into a wide variety of spaces and decors.
A proof-of-concept idea, the Plié shelving system is an attempt at producing a "buy-it-for-life" home shelving product that is much more sustainable and affordable for the average consumer than the current market offerings. If successful, the approach of using "pre-folded" stamped metal can be expanded to other home goods, providing a new alternative in the home product category and a positive impact for the environment. It is new approaches like this that show a pathway forward in an era of disposable and wasteful consumerism.
What I'll do with $5,000
A portion of the $5000 will be used to fund the next series of prototypes and packaging design. This will include market testing and consumer research. Once the design is finalized additional funds will be used to commission the creation of a custom metal stamping die, which will allow for the production in higher quantities at a more affordable cost per unit. The remaining funds will then be used to purchase the raw materials needed to undertake a first production run, so that the Plié shelving system can be brought to market. The breakdown is as follows: $1000- Prototyping, packaging, and market research $2000 - Custom metal die $2000 - First production run
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